1. Payment Method:
Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit card, debit card, bank-in, or online banking. Payable to HAMSHA STUDIOMaybank Account No: 562393512426

2. Mode of payment:
a) Minimum deposit of RM200 to booking date confirmation. Later than that, booking date is considered cancel and not refundable.
b) Any 30-50% from the total payment: Booking confirmation (3-4 weeks before event date). 
c) Any % remaining balance from total payment : settled before the event or not more than 1 week before the event 

3. Cancellation
The client acknowledges that for the cancellation of booking, all deposits will be non-refundable.

4. Outstation Fee
A minimum RM150 fee will be charged (if necessary) for outstation fees (outside Selangor & KL(not inclusive of transportation & travelling costs and lodging for the assigned photographer(s)

5. Others Fees
a) Mileage: We charge the mileages with rate as below:
For first 100km x RM0.40
For second 100 km x RM0.35
For third 100 km x RM0.30
For fourth 100 km x RM0.25
For fifth 100 km x RM0.20
The calculation include until outdoor photo shoot after event.
b) Toll & Parking: We claim to client for toll and parking (machine parking).
c) HAMSHA STUDIO reserves the right to impose additional charges in the event that the estimated costs involved exceeds the actual costs incurred.

6. Quotation
a) Quotation validity is only for 30 days, unconfirmed client shall re-send their inquiries
b) Any changes towards a confirmed booking may lead to changes in the new booking price as well.

7. Booking
a) Booking is a mutual agreement. Deposit fees are compulsory. No verbal booking will be entertained. 
b) Booking priority will based on first come first serve basis.
c) Any failure to comply the payment requirement (deposites & booking confirmation fees) within the specified time period. HAMSHA STUDIO reserves to cancel any booking made & all deposits will be non-refundable

8. The photo album and video will be delivered within 3 months (working days, weekends and public holidays does not count) after the event date or after the final payment made (if final payment made after the event). 

9. HAMSHA STUDIO reserves the right to withhold the delivery of goods (i.e. album/video) for any payments that have yet to be fulfilled.

10. Client softcopy
All high resolution images will be provided to The Client. The Client shall bear the responsibility to check the softcopy of the images given within 3 days after the cd delivery.

11. Album Design
a) HAMSHA STUDIO reserves the sole right to the design the photo album in any way it deems fit. The Client will be not allowed to make personal requests for the design,however the designer is under no circumstances obliged to follow the requests.
b) For any client who wants make photo selection, first they need to make full settlement. We will burn all photos in CD. Then give to client to make own selection. We give 1 week to select the best photo. More than 1 week, we can’t entertain anymore. Client can only select 70 pcs of photos and give back to our Editor in CD. Just for remind, not all photos that client are chosen can be in the album. Because our Editor has a right to make the final selection for the best photos to be edit in album.
c) For any additional specific work required (new design/extra editing etc.), an additional fee of RM 500 will be charged for each album.
d) For client who wanted to have all softcopy as fast as 1 to 2 week after wedding, need to make full settlement.

12. Photo album/video can be collected at HAMSHA STUDIO. Additional courier charges will be imposed for direct delivery.

14. Maximum date for album collection is 6 Months, later than that; we are no longer responsible for the item material package.



15. Limit of Liability 
a) HAMSHA STUDIO reserves the right to substitute/replace a photographer in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as death, illnesses, accidents & the like.
b) HAMSHA STUDIO will not be liable to Client under any circumstances if its performance is prevented or impaired due to war, insurrection, strikes, walkouts, riots, fire, including adverse weather conditions and earthquakes, shortages or unavailability of labour or materials, laws or governmental restrictions which conflict with the terms of this Agreement, or any other matter beyond the reasonable control of HAMSHA STUDIO. In the event of any unanticipated photographer illness, HAMSHA STUDIO shall make reasonable efforts to substitute another competent professional.
c) In the event of an uncertain condition such as an accident during the way of event, we will not be responsible.
d) Photographer has a right to refuse if there are guests who would like to ask photographers to take pictures using the camera / hand phone them. This is to avoid for any damage of that gadgets and also avoid interfere the photographer task.

16. Duration of Coverage of Event;
a) The duration of coverage for an event is between 4-5 hours. The Client will be charged RM 200 for each additional hour of coverage.
b) Each additional photographer will require additional fees per event covered (not inclusive of charges for outstation work)
c) Both parties shall agree to cooperate with one another to produce the best possible result for the given assignment.

17. HAMSHA STUDIO bears no liability for a less-than-stellar outcome of the assignment as a direct result of failure to cooperate during the photography sessions or due to certain details not disclosed to The HAMSHA STUDIO prior to photo shooting session. V.I.P specific point out
a) Client has to prepare minimum 1 person to lead the photographer to shoot on the V.I.P (who need or need not to be in the album)
b) The same person should brief the photographer on the protocol and so on.

18. All photos/video will be shot by photographer(s) or cinematographer(s) under the employ of The HAMSHA STUDIO.

19. Copyright
a) All photos taken from the event are considered the intellectual property of HAMSHA STUDIO. The Client shall be entitled to use the images only for personal reasons. Unless explicitly agreed and indicated in writing permission by HAMSHA STUDIO, The Client shall not be entitled to pass on the images to any third party to be printed or shown in any form of media & publication.
b) The client hereby grants to HAMSHA STUDIO and its legal representatives and assigns, the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of the client or in which the client may be included, for editorial, trade, advertising and any other purpose and in any manner and medium to alter the same without restriction and to copyright the same. The client hereby releases HAMSHA STUDIO and its legal representatives and assigns from the all claims and liability relating to said photographs.
c) Transfer of Copyright: HAMSHA STUDIO shall transfer the copyright of all photos for the event covered to The Client for a sum of RM 2000 (per session)
d) All images and videos are copyright of both parties, HAMSHA STUDIO and the Client. The Client agree that HAMSHA STUDIO may use images from Client’s event for commercial use, including, without limitation, promotional videos for exhibition to other potential clients of HAMSHA STUDIO.

20. Outdoor Sessions
a) 1 hour outdoor sessions are free of charge after event (apply with package Solemnization and Reception, after event on the same day); however in the event of unfortunate circumstances (e.g. rain or something completely unavoidable), the outdoor session will automatically be cancelled.
b) The location for the outdoor session shall be within 15 minutes of travel (or approximately 20 km) from where the event is held.
c) The Client shall bear the responsibility for their own transportation for the outdoor session.
d) The Client is more than welcome to suggest for the outdoor shooting session to be held around the location of the event.

21. Disputes/Conflicts :
In the event of an unfortunate altercation between 2 groups of photographers covering an assigned event and it is not in the best interest of HAMSHA STUDIO to continue to remain with the shooting, HAMSHA STUDIOreserves the right to leave the event with the non?refundable deposit.

22. HAMSHA STUDIO shall be the sole photography official
service provider retained by the Client for the event identified of this Agreement. Family and friends of Client shall be permitted to photograph the event, for non-commercial purposes,provided that such person or persons do not interfere with the photographer’s duties. If,in the opinion of the assigned photographer,such person or persons are inhibiting the photographer from performing his or her duties, Client shall require the person interfering with the photographer to stop all further shots.

23. Please note that every photo taken will not necessarily be uploaded online for viewing.

24. The Client shall bear the responsibility to provide food & lodging (where required) for the assigned photographers.

25.Under no terms shall The Client possess the right to tamper/delete any images still in the camera as the photos are considered the property of The HAMSHA STUDIO.

26. The Client shall explicitly inform HAMSHA STUDIO of any specific activities/scenes that they do not want to be shot during the event. HAMSHA STUDIO will not entertain any requests for to change/delete specific images that were not informed beforehand.

27. HAMSHA STUDIO reserves the right to delete any related materials from the event covered 3 months after the album has been printed.

28. Free Pre/Post wedding session in non-exchangeable with any other session i.e. maternity, outdoor family portrait, friends outdoor. We can change by other item.


29. Acceptance of HAMSHA STUDIO’s service indicates an agreement & acknowledgement of all agreed packages as defined by the terms & conditions in the contract of service.

30. The Client shall agree with the style & modus operandi of HAMSHA STUDIO to allow it to provide the best form of goods & services rendered in terms of quality, workmanship and even pricing.

31. The Client Agreement shall be regularly updated to fulfil the needs of both the Client & the HAMSHA STUDIO.

32. We are selling our artwork/picture/video/film/clip and none others.

33. All important information (date of event/phone number/etc.) Have to be sent thru email, sms will not be entertained.

34. For any pre discussion before event with our Photographer or Cinematographer can only be held in our studio only. So Client needs to come to Peveyhack Studio for discussion matter.

35. Clients are binder to the company`s privacy rights in respect to the album layout. Clients are not to publish and / or reproduce any part of the content in any form of creative expression, which include blogs and websites (Facebook, BlogSpot, or any social media and website) with first getting consent from the company.

36.  HAMSHA STUDIO reserves the right to make cancellation of customer booking due to unforeseen circumstances. All deposit money will be refunded 100%.

37. Photographer / Cinematographer on duty shall be granted an exemption for prayers (solat) time.

38. If the customer does not allow capturing or recording for makeup session, please being informed early to our management.

39. I/we have read and understood the terms above. I hereby agree to the terms of this agreement, I/we agree that I/we have received all pages of this agreement.